Music is my life, always has, always will be

With Ashanti and Alisha Keys as her influences, you can count on Sylvimaree to come up with something impressive. She has been singing since she was 6 and has a mature, R&B / soul voice. From the North of England, a town called Scunthorpe, M1 Music's leading lady. It took her 18 months to complete "Just Life". This wicked album shows pure determination.

You've maybe already heard & seen the release "Feeling Me" which is on Le Magnifiq's album "LIFE AT A FAST PACE" & "Don't Go Baby" released in the summer of 2004. Both tracks are on the album Just Life.

Just Life was an inspiration from life, the environment around me, people I have met or known, and of course my own experiences and time here on this planet. My songs are dedicated to everyone who can say they can relate, or have been through similar circumstances, and basically to everyone else who likes my style.

Music is my life, always has, always will be. Life is constantly changing, and we are hopefully learning for the better, creating GOOD karma for ourselves. Like a reel of film, memories are not the same as experiencing the real thing. Hold on and take a step. Because the thing is, 'Just life' is too short….

So LIVE! Peace y'all. Find out more about Sylvimaree

Just Life Holding you No War no more