M1 Music is a sister company to Northern Line Publishing Ltd.
It is hoped that these two companies will complement each other
and help the process of writing, producing and publishing music
become seamless and efficient.


Northern Line Publishing Ltd was created in North-west London
in an area called Mill Hill in September 2007.
The idea came to Selwyn Smith while travelling back to the office,
he came up with the business name
Northern Line Publishing Ltd.

This Publishing company was named after a Tube Line here in London
called the Northern Line. You can find Mill Hill at the end of the line in the North.

It was formed for artists & producers who specialize in Hip Hop,R&B,Soul & Reggae.
It is linked very closely to M1 Music Ltd and we invite anyone to write good songs even
if they are of a political nature. A "Free Speech Publisher".
So long as you've got the facts straight, the Northern Line doesn't care.

After rejections from publishers, owner, Selwyn Smith decided to set up his own company
with partner Sylvimaree Westlake.

At Northern Line Publishing all talented artists & writers are welcome
but be sure we don't want time wasters!

The logo represents how we see politics (i.e we see it in black and white)
For free speech another business is born.

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