Le Magnifiq

"Every song I've written has a story. It comes from my own life experience, from the heart"

Le Magnifiq has been writing and performing for over two decades, starting out with his first track Life Goes On in 1991. From '94 the ideas were flowing and by the end of '95 he had 12 tracks under his belt. Within a couple of years he had started experimenting with computers and while his background is in hip hop, with influences such as Guru, Naughty By Nature, Notorious BIG, Eminem and Tupac, his tastes are broad.

1999 saw his first visit inside a studio. He recorded three tracks, including one of his favourites - Girl Crazy - from '95. The next year saw him re-working old tracks with new technology as well as writing new ones, and in 2001 he had the idea for M1 Music, so he set up the label and recorded a new album, The M1 Story

Nowadays he's experimenting with new tunes, taking new directions in styles, broadening horizons and having the courage to experiment.

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