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Anti Social Worker

Cult Ibiza DJ/NME street poet Anti Social Worker returns after long absence with new 'Grime Poetry' art form and album savaging the Government

Anti Social Worker AKA Paul Wellings has been called a 'militant music legend'. He's one of the original rebel pioneers of underground black music on iconic LWR pirate radio. He's toured with reggae icons like Peter Tosh (Marley's partner) and Eek A Mouse; He's performed with Billy Bragg, John Cooper Clarke and Benjamin Zephaniah; He recorded his first album with the UK's leading dub producer The Mad Professor (of Massive Attack fame); He was championed by Radio 1 DJ John Peel; He's written for the seminal NME music paper and he's DJ'd as Madhatter Paul at Pacha in Ibiza and Ministry Of Sound in London. Now he's returned with a new art form 'Grime Poetry' and an album that savages the Government.

Born and raised in the London New Towns and East End - Anti Social Worker is a PR's wet dream - hustler, writer, MC, DJ, musican, author, freedom fighter. He describes his new album as 'Johnny Rotten meets Ghetts'.

He added ' I moved to the east coast during the pandemic and it gave me peace of mind to create another album after a long absence. I teamed up with West London's finest rapper Le Magnifiq on his top black indie label and the rest is history. I make rightous anger music that comes from a good heart in trying to bring unity, equality and peace. I'm a street poet and multi cultural white Londoner. I was part raised in the East End's Tower Hamlets borough - the most multi cultural place on the planet. I know the benefits of embracing other cultures and fighting all the bigotry and my music reflects that with influences from reggae, hip hop, trap, grime etc. Unlike the white gatekeepers of some black music scenes who want to seperate the music from the culture that created it at the festivals they run - I never forget the foundations of underground black music that I helped pioneer on the iconic LWR pirate radio station. And above all I'll never forget the house parties we had to hold because racist club door polices in the 80s and 90s wouldn't allow a largely afro caribbean audience in. We had to be militant and fight back in those days. We played mainly message music not the commercial lovey dovey stuff that the gatekeepers played - we created our own scene. The lyrics on this album are my whole life story about fighting against injustice but I'm a loveable rude boy not a bad boy.'

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The album by Anti Social Worker is called 'Militant Business and Grime Poetry' and is available on CD format exclusively from leading indie black music label

Anti Social Worker

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