Le Magnifiq from the M1 Allstars will be performing live with special guests at Take 5 venue in Norwich Friday 7th November 2014

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M1 Music

For lovers of Hip Hop, R & B, Rap, Soul and Reggae

"A label for the people"

"We want to be an original label doing innovative stuff" . . . . "If someone wants me to manufacture an artist they can forget it. Tell them to go somewhere else. I'm not going to take some pretty kid and create a fake image and sound to go with the fake tan and fake blonde hair. I want to attract talented artists who are passionate about doing their own work, singing or playing from their soul. I would far rather take a dozen karaoke singers who believe in themselves and have real talent than one plastic, production-line popstar".

The reasons why?

"Why are we called M1 Music? Now there's an original question." We started out when we lived in Hendon at the bottom of the M1 motorway. It really is as simple as that." "It's also to do with movement, a journey if you like. Think of the thousands of stories happening inside the heads of all those people travelling in all those cars. Everyone's going somewhere, everyone has to be somewhere other than where they are at the moment, and if music isn't about taking the listener to somewhere else in my mind it's failed. There's a very clear idea of where to take the label, "We started out with hip hop, which is my background then as new artists joined us, we brought in reggae and R&B, and some of our different styles rubbed off on each other, so now none of us is a single-style musician - we all play into each other's genres."